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Laurie Brady

Laurie Brady is a published poet, a writer of short stories, a novelist, and a great dog lover who lives in Sydney, Australia. He has a keen sense of humour, particularly a liking for the ridiculous, and a love of literature and sport.  He has spent most of his working life as a teacher and a teacher educator, promoting engaging and quality schooling. He retired recently as professor of education at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Author's Books
Enter Donegal

Enter Donegal is a highly entertaining story of a mischievous Irish Setter who becomes part of the Ellis family, and who, after several years of being the family pet, reveals that he can not only walk upright, but that he can read, write, and is a master of most sports. The story traces the powerful...

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Enter Others

Enter Others is a sequel to Enter Spice. The endearing characters of the novel are Toby (an Irish Wolfhound), Roxy (a Boxer), Princess (a Labrador), and Curly (a Poodle). Their ‘coming out’, or revealing their talents, is through a television interview with an annoying interviewer who doesn’t ...

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Enter Spice

Enter Spice is a sequel to Enter Donegal. Spice, a charming Cocker Spaniel arrives at the Ellis home after Donegal has gone, and obviously at his request. She is readily accepted and loved by all family members. With the gifts of walking upright, speaking, reading, writing and singing, she helps Sc...

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Seymour, a somewhat ‘different’ 22-year-old, is infatuated with Louise, and believing they are destined for one another, sets out to ‘win’ her love.His attempt to put her on a pedestal for others to admire, fails, so persuaded that girls like boys to be tough, he is encouraged to show Louise...

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