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Kai Lilly

Kai Lilly has always been passionate about children’s literature and creating stories that inspire, educate and entertain young readers. Through her writing, she strives to promote positive values and beliefs, such as self-confidence, empathy and resilience, while encouraging children to develop their imagination and creativity.

This book is the first in a series called Kind-in-a-bind which is a collection of books, each featuring a unique adventure that takes readers on a journey as they learn valuable life lessons. From overcoming obstacles to learning the importance of giving, helping, recycling and caring, each story is designed to inspire and captivate young readers.

Kai Lilly
Author's Books
What’s up ZipZap?

What’s Up ZipZap? is a heartwarming story of empathy and kindness towards all living beings. Chooti and Nanga learn that bugs that come into their home are just lost and need help finding their way back home.How will you help bugs find their way home?Read on to find out what Chooti and Nanga do t...

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