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Linda Woodroffe

Living in Derbyshire, Linda is more known as a singer/songwriter in the folk world there. She believes in the strength of imagination and encourages everyone to bring it into their lives. Even the school run became a time for her and her daughter to enter imaginary places with imaginary characters. And now, many years later, when they are together, they can very easily disappear into the unknown. She feels the power of reading to be immeasurable, and the content of books, whether fiction or non-fiction, invaluable.

Author's Books
The Moose That Made a Mountain

Angus and Finn are best of friends, and spend their time playing together. Seeing some small mounds of earth, they began jumping from one to another. They were having such fun until, suddenly, tiny heads popped up from the mounds. Angus and Finn had never seen these creatures before – and these cr...

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The Moose That Missed Christmas

Angus and Finn are the best of friends, and spend their time playing together; running, skipping, chasing round and round in circles and walking in and out of each other’s footprints. As they excitedly ran off to Finn’s for a sleepover, they were unaware that this was the night the clocks moved ...

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