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Lisa Rita

The author discovered a passion for writing after she had her two beautiful children, and she completed a writing course with ‘The Writing School’. She was able to take care of her children at home while continuing to write. She also loves music, playing the drums, dancing and living life to the fullest. She has a strong faith and always focuses on the positive.


Author's Books
Dancing Dolphins

Donald the Dolphin was traumatised after his partner Donna the Dolphin died. He attempted to beach himself because he was so sad. Luckily, some people spotted him on the beach and pushed him back into the sea. He also had very good friends who cheered him up by performing a sea concert with all thei...

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If Cars Could Talk

Red Raphael has his wits about him and he thinks he’s the fastest car ever. He challenges Pretty in Pink to race around the lake later that night. She gladly accepts the challenge and turns up at midnight. Mean and Green, Blue Will Show You, along with Pretty in Pink and Red Raphael show up. The r...

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If Cats Could Talk

Whiskers is fed up with Bronson’s continuing bullying behaviour he displays all over the neighbourhood. After Bronson once again attacks Felix, her cat friend next door, the pair of feline friends come up with a clever plan to end Bronson’s disgraceful behaviour once and for all. They execute th...

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Oh No There's Poo On My Shoe

A son keeps complaining to his mum that he has ‘poo on his shoe.’All the while his mum keeps reminding him, in a rhyme, that there are other unpleasant things that could happen too and that it’s not that bad because you can always wipe poo off your shoe!...

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There’s a Mouse in the House

Aaron the mouse enters the house and runs up the clock. When the clock strikes one, the mouse runs down and befriends Mike, the boy who lives there. They become the best of friends. But Tom, the cat, gets jealous and tries to scare Aaron the mouse away as he feels he was there first. Little does Tom...

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