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Sonny Lyall

I am best known for winning a top sales award for Realty World in Canada. In 1999 I was first runner up for most sales. I give the glory to God for helping me to place number two in our nation  out  of  7000 agents in our company.
My family owned a nightclub. They also owned two hotels with nightclubs in them. We also owned  two fitness centers. I owned the gyms and I also worked at our hotels and Pubs once in a while.
My grandfather helped manage the Cave and the Penthouse Nightclubs in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There are photographs with my grandfather  posing with celebrities  on the walls at the Penthouse Nightclub.
While working at  nightclubs that he managed, my grandfather met celebrities in the audience like Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn and Frank Sinatra.  Sammy Davis Jr., Nat King Cole and Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne were a few of the performers that granddad met.
Before the Penthouse became a Nightclub Joe Filippone operated the location as a boxing club called Eagle Time Athletic Club. 
My grandfather was a boxer back then and was known in boxing military circles as Laurie Killer Larson. 
Granddad and my father were never afraid of gangsters that came to their nightclubs. My father held his own fighting an ex-Golden Gloves Champion in an exhibition match at the boxing club.
Granddad was a police Sergeant back in the war years so he knew how to use moves to control violent people without throwing a punch.
My father wanted me to learn how to fight, so I took up Karate, Boxing and Wrestling. I  won a gold Medal in wrestling in high-school. I also was a 110% trophy winner with the Surrey Rams Junior Football team. 
As a freshman on the SFU University Football team, I was photographed and mentioned in the university newspaper while I played in a scouting scrimmage against CFL professional football players. 
Considering that all of my defensive backfield team-mates that were seniors on our team were recruited to play in the CFL, I assume that I would have sharpened my game to their levels by the time I became a senior. I however decided to leave the university to work in the fitness and nightclub businesses after I completed my freshman year at SFU.

Sonny Lyall
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Hanging on the Ledge of Life

Out of the ranks of the middle class, wise honest leaders will rise.Truckers, labourers, bikers, night club bouncers, football players and soldiers.Read this book to see how such people who once lived by a code can make North America great again by embracing new careers in religion and or politics....

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