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Kathryn Lyons

Hello, I am Kathryn Lyons and I am a disabled writer.

I was born with a genetic defect and mutated genetics and it caused me many complications throughout my life. This caused my bones to twist in my legs at puberty. I grew very tall, around six foot eight, and then I had surgery which dropped my height to six foot four. I have always had issues with my condition since I was young and the hospital was like a second home for me.

I never got a proper education so I had to teach myself a lot of street smarts and one of those skills were reading and writing. I found I had a real passion for writing stories and I started writing my first book at the age of fourteen.

Life has always been really challenging. It’s almost like a never ending obstacle course, and I think my hardest thing I had to learn was letting others help me to get back up so that I could keep going. Life was never meant to be easy but we have to be ready for whatever comes around the corner and tackle it head on!

I had doctors telling me I was dying and then, I started to really live again.

I started my own charity called Accessibili-t alongside my mother. What drove me to start it was back in 2016 when my mother said to me, “You are not dead yet, what do you want to do?”

I turned to her and said, “I want to become the face of change.” From there, I became a globally international public speaker, product inventor, humanitarian and entrepreneur, and even a model. I don’t have a degree but I learnt it all through street smarts.

Don’t let anything stop you from living or following your dreams, if you have something you really want to do then just do it. Go for it ’cause you never know unless you try.

I love writing and I love the life I am living. It has had a lot of challenges but it’s helped me create and become the person I am today.

And through this, I have been able to come up with and write some amazing stories, including Rosemary Academy.

Kathryn Lyons
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Rosemary Academy

Stepping into the mysterious halls of Rosemary Academy, Silvia is thrust into a realm far removed from her former life. Guided by her fearless spirit, she encounters Zoey, a vivacious free spirit, and soon after, the brilliant Elliot. Elliot’s closest friend, Allen, with his strategic mind and mag...

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