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M LeRoy Lombard

M LeRoy Lombard, was born in San Fernando, CA in March of 1972. When he turned three, his family moved to Hereford, Texas, then later to the Fort Worth area. His father owned and operated an automotive repair shop, and his mother was the bookkeeper. As soon as he became old enough, he would help at the family shop, sweeping and collecting trash.

While growing up, his mother would read books to the family, either in the car on road trips, or at home on Friday evenings. Developing a love for books, several books became his favorite over the years. “Where the Red Fern Grows” was one he loved in grade school, because it was very descriptive and helped to emerse the reader in the story’s surroundings. He also loved “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” because of its situational humor. These two books helped to develop Lombard as a writer years later, attempting to emulate the writing styles. He also loved the Chronicles of Narnia series, which deleloped Lombard’s love for adventure in an other-worldly environment.

Lombard started writing short stories, poems, and silly songs for his wife when they were first dating. Later he added special writings for his sons as well as some to help the family keep a positive outlook while going through some series health issues. In 2014, Lombard suffered a serious aortic aneurism that required an emergency valve replacement surgery. While in recovery, Lombard dedicated his time to writing his first novel. Through the encouragement of his family, he decided to continue writing as a way to channel his anxiety in a healthier direction.

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Audrianna has been betrothed to Prince Henry to be the next queen of Nadeau. But, according to Nadeau law, they both must wait six years before they can be married. As far as Henry and Audrianna are concerned, they don’t mind waiting because neither one like each other. Pulling pranks and talking...

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