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Madison D’Angelo

Madison is a Capricorn sun, Pisces moon, Aries ascendant manifester human design. She is a wellness coach specialising in holistic counselling, meditation, yoga and life coaching. Suffering from anxiety, at the age of 26, she decided to open up about her condition and normalise the discussion of mental health. She is passionate about helping others to accept themselves for who they are and has chosen to rewrite the script for her future by embracing her condition, welcoming the awareness it brings and allowing it to fuel her desire to push past her own boundaries. Madison is a devoted mother of two determined to prove to her children that despite obstacles you may face, success is possible as long as you keep trying. She is also the host of Anxiety is Not Me, The Podcast and the founder of Frequency The App.

She is a nature-loving adventurer, and in her spare time you will find her exploring mountains, hiking, or at the beach reaping the benefits of cold water therapy. She is a free-spirited, crystal lover, Latin dancer living by the moon and all her glorious phases.

Madison D’Angelo
Author's Books
Anxiety is Not Me

Life would be easier without anxiety but it also wouldn’t have anywhere near as much depth.Ever feel like you’re different because you suffer from anxiety?Ever feel like no one understands you and your actions?Are you seeking guidance on how to coexist with the condition or maybe you have a love...

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Finding Her Sprinkles

Have you ever lost something you love?How far would you go to retrieve it?Who would help you along the way and what truths would you uncover?Curl up with the love and kindness that fill the pages of this tale, that is as sweet as the smell of homemade choc chip cookies on a cold winter’s day.Join ...

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