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Writer, poet and artist. A bohemian at heart who would probably feel more at home in Victorian England than modern Britain. I say this as a reference to style more than anything else as I have a penchant for pocket watches, ornate walking canes and waistcoats. I also like Jules Verne, HG Wells and the Art Deco period commencing in 1920.
Not forgetting Steampunk, Renaissance art, the music of the great Ralph Vaughan Williams and the charismatic Ennio Morricone.
I was born in the early 1960s and my curiosity into metaphysics, quantum physics and an existential existence began at the tender age of eight years old. As a child I suffered from nightmares and visions that I didn’t understand. It wasn’t until I started reading and researching what I had experienced and seen in my nightmares and visions that I had a little more insight into what was going on.
I have used the pseudonym “Magister” in my books as I do not seek fame. “Magister” is Latin for master and also the main character I have used in an earlier novel I have written.

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