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Mark Hendriksen

About the Author

Mark was a leading publisher of travel guides to London, the UK, key European cities and New York. In 2011 he and his wife restored three ruined houses to help breathe new life into Corfu’s oldest village. During that time Mark did a sourdough baking course in England to reintroduce the Corfiot locals to ‘traditional sourdough baking.’
The course led to a greater understanding of the connection between our gut and our brain. Research followed, then patents pending, to overcome a number of common posture related health issues. The dots connected and he began to use his knowledge, fascination and humour about all things poop to write, ‘All Animals Poo and We Do Too,’ helping children find an accessible way to overcome poo taboos and better understand their inner workings.
This book aims to build knowledge, interest and awareness about children’s own health care. By using all sorts of animals and their toilet habits from around the world to pique their curiosity about poop, and engaging them through fun illustrations and fascinating facts.

Keenan the Illustrator

An award-winning children’s book illustrator from Canada, Keenan’s style and humour are a perfect combination for Mark’s poop talk. He’d get bored drawing in the same style everyday so you might notice his illustrations change from project to project. As he says, “If you like what you see, give me an email and tell me how great I am. If you don't like my work, please keep it to yourself – I can't handle the criticism.”

Mark Hendriksen
Author's Books
All Animals Poo and We Do Too

All Animals Poo & We Do Too is a book for parents and their kids to enjoy, learn and laugh about together. If you like:AnimalsPoop JokesLaughingFascinating Facts & FunRhymes and Badgers that eat Sausages“Now, here’s a bit of Badger news, they’re sausage shaped, a Badger’s poos, But if you go...

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