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Mary Raymond Black

Mary Raymond Black was born in Naracoorte, South Australia in 1946.

She successfully completed the Diploma of Fine Art Sculpture course in 1967 at the South Australian School of Art. She has exhibited sculptures, drawings, paintings and ceramics and self-published a book, “Girls Only” consisting of 54, fine line, pen and ink drawings of the female form. She has many physical drawings on “” and has recently been working on digital artworks.

Riddlington has emerged from many years of orally, made up, embellished nonsense stories told to anyone who would listen without excusing themselves. It worked wonders on children. These skills combined, drifted into a written illustrative narrative to please a child.

This is her first published children’s book.

There are 11 more of the series to come as the family grows and grows and grows.

Mary Raymond Black
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This story begins with Riddlington Rabbit wanting to see other things happening in a world outside the safe boundaries of his insular existence. As a rabbit, his life is spent, primarily, underground during the day, only coming out at night, under the protection of darkness, to find food.His favouri...

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