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Max Artusov

The author attended both Oxford and Cambridge (Football matches).

He received unnoticed critical acclaim for putting the ‘Ding’ into reading, the ‘Sex’ into Middlesex and something into Scunthorpe. His ambition is to take the ‘Woke’ out of Wokingham.

He currently lives somewhere. He drinks, eats and smokes too much, is overweight and is rather curmudgeonly.

He has reached that point in life when everything annoys him.

He does not support a football team and has no slippers.

Quite frankly, he just doesn’t care whether you buy the book or not. He doesn’t need the money.

Max Artusov
Author's Books
The Unquiet Gravy

A collection of verse inspired by the style of John Cooper Clarke, the ‘Godfather of Punk Poetry.’ The verse is mostly commentary on current social issues, attitudes and mores addressed in a sardonic and hopefully amusing manner.Ideally, the verse should be read to a club or pub audience in a ra...

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Time – Space – Taste

A short guide to the mysteries of time, space, and the nature of existence as expressed in various media.The author records his own views on time and space mysteries with accompanying food, art, and music recommendations, all in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.It contains passages from Shakespeare, Goethe...

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Author's News

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