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Valerie McGurk

Valerie discovered a love of storytelling when she began making up stories to her young sons and developed her communications working as a nurse for more than 40 years, specialising in paediatrics.

An avid reader, Valerie understands the importance of reading to children and spent time in a primary school as a volunteer and a school governor. She enjoyed following Thor on his epic journey and was intrigued by the interest shown by the public.

Thor the Walrus, A Story You Will Never Thaw-get is Valerie’s first book. She wanted to recreate his travels in a story appealing to younger readers as well as getting everyone to think about climate change and its affects, not only on people but also to animals and wildlife.

Valerie believes reading can be an escape or an adventure and hopes people of all ages will share her joy at reading about Thor’s travels.

Valerie McGurk
Author's Books
Thor the Walrus, A Story You Will Never Thaw-get

The water is getting warmer, and the ice cap is melting. Thor, the walrus, is at risk of losing his homeland.Thor lives in the seasonally ice-covered waters of the Arctic Circle with his mother, his friends, and the elders. The ice is brittle and breaks easily. Thor hears the elders talk about clima...

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