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Marie Meehan

Growing up in Birmingham, England, Marie was the second of four children. She always had a great imagination but very quickly decided that she hated reading! The letters were impossible to decipher, those around her seemed to know a secret code that unlocked their meaning, but for Marie, it seemed she would be forever chasing the elusive worlds hidden within the pages of books.

Then suddenly, as if by magic, the words began to make sense and she could finally immerse herself in the glorious adventures and mystical tales that had at one time been so out of reach. Now she is old, and she has her own three amazing sons. She loves to write stories for them and would love to share them with you all, especially those who may be feeling like she did all those years ago.

Marie Meehan
Author's Books
Dyslexia – The Beginning

Mum just told me I have Dyslexia.She told me that while being Dyslexic can mean reading and writing are more difficult for me then they are for others, there are other things that I will be ‘extra-awesome’ at.This is my mission log: ‘Finding my dyslexic superpowers!’ ...

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