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Molly Seymour

Molly Seymour is a young writer who got into writing because she wanted to find a creative way to inspire people, to get people talking about what she feels is an injustice in our society, particularly when it comes to disabled people. There is a loss off human potential as disabled people, a part of human evolution, are constantly ignored. Now even though disabilities aren’t seen as the ideal body type but behind their disability, the people are just the same as any one of us. We all have a desire to be loved, we all have a desire to be happy and we all certainly have a desire to be successful, no matter our background. By helping disabled people, Molly is helping humanity move forward to becoming a more accepting society and you can help her by supporting this book. Doing so, you are playing your part in humanity embracing humanity as a whole. Thankyou.

Molly Seymour
Author's Books
A Brief History of Disability

A hidden history of human evolution has been written, but very few people know about the history of disabled people who have been walking side by side able bodied people since the beginning of time.In this book we shall discover the two true elements which cause our bodies to change, biological and ...

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