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Glenn Morley

Glenn Morley is from Melbourne, Australia. When he was seven, he went to a park to find owl bones for a black magic ritual. There were no bones. Just acorns (just as well, black magic is dangerous). He cried. He’s now respected and responsible. He’s a psychiatric nurse. He loves life and loves laughing. He has clownfish. They drive him crazy, but they juggle well. Glenn loves writing wacky words, thinking about the multiverse, moons, graves, ghouls, great quests, and clever fools.

Glenn Morley
Author's Books
Mooney and Spacee and the Tree o' Wishes

What would you do if you were lost in an alien land full of danger, lies, stupidity, duplicity, insanely clever traps, ravenous apex-predators and, to top it all off, the legendarily sarcastic child-eating, mushroom-scoffing, poetry-reciting ogre called Borborygm (the scariest monster ever invented ...

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