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Jennifer Nakagawa

Jennifer Nakagawa lives in California and sometimes in other places, when she travels (she can’t ever really leave them). She also helps a local pet orphanage in her area; in fact, she would like to donate some of the profits from this book to giving animals a second chance. On a related note, women’s shelters are also on this list. She’d like to pass it along that both types are home to beings of different shapes, sizes and colours too!

Jennifer Nakagawa
Author's Books
When the Last Call Was Heard… Nothing but Tears Fell

Ever met someone you felt compelled to connect with, maybe a colleague? Dive into the story of Werewolf Joe, a seemingly average man with more than one hidden facet. Then there’s Demetria, the epitome of kindness and thoughtfulness, traits that make her unexpectedly perfect for a man of Joe’s…...

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