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Nesma Elaasar

Nesma Elaasar, is the author of Poems for Each Tear. Born in London, where she started writing on her phone at the age of 13. Nesma, like her poems, is fearless and hard going. She believes her poems can open many people’s eyes and help change the world.

Nesma often wrote poems in class while teachers would teach. She wrote her poems to escape and teach others the true meaning of life.

She’s a lover of gore movies, anime, and a sucker for food. When she is not writing in her room, she enjoys reading and walking in the rain.

Nesma Elaasar
Author's Books
Poems for Each Tear

Take a look inside and see the journey your eyes will take as you read the poems. A collection of short poems by Nesma Elaasar.“Hear its words,Move your fingers with every stanza.Open your eyes as you look inside.Savour my words and taste each letter,Taste the insanity journey you will indulge.I h...

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