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Nicholas Pearson

A charming man with ravishing looks and a sharp eye for beauty in its myriad forms, Nicholas was born and raised in the Middle East, and is widely travelled, affording him a greater perspective on other cultures and the manner in which they differ from his own. Some of his stories draw inspiration from his voyages of discovery, and he continues to develop his creative mindset – a melting pot of different philosophies and perspectives – in order to best represent his characters.

Having studied ancient books of Arabic wisdom, and relating the stories therein to daily life, Nicholas has been able to gain a profound understanding of the human brain, and deeper insight into people’s concerns, desires, passions, and their other innermost thoughts. He seeks to find undeniable truths in his accounts of human interactions, infusing them with authenticity and validity, while taking his readers on exciting journeys that explore the impulses, motivations and other emotions that make us who we are.

Nicholas Pearson
Author's Books
Feelings of the Moment

Ahmed, a young man hailing from the Middle East, relocates to America to study. In the US, he sees, and is excited by, a sexual freedom uncommon in his homeland, and vows to live his young life to the full. Initially staying in Colorado with a married couple, Ahmed seduces Debbie, who is unappreciat...

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