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Norman Maclean

Norman Maclean has spent much of his life in the field of education in New Zealand. He has taught art, art history, drama, English and classical studies to many hundreds of secondary school students, mainly in his home town of Gisborne. His published books include titles covering ancient religion and history but it is the realm of literacy among teens that has increasingly concerned him.

Gobby is in contrast to those titles that make high adventure and daring-do, the often-preferred choice, especially for adolescent boys. He believes that many kids do not easily identify with much beyond what may seem like the mundane business of muddling through. Home and school, their mates, their success or more often, lack of it - their desire for identity and recognition; for success rather than continual failure, are matters that can weigh them down as they struggle to make their way through the first years of secondary education.

Gobby covers much of this in a way that is familiar but with humour and with hope.

Norman Maclean
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Sam feels like he’s always in the shadows. While his peers excel in academics, sports, or charm, he struggles to find his place. To make matters worse, his seemingly clueless younger brother, Gobby, is a hidden prodigy, excelling in almost everything. As if navigating the treacherous waters of ado...

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