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Pauline M Taylor

Pauline Taylor’s readers will know her sad background, but what they do not know is what encouraged her to write in the first place.

As a child of post-war Britain, Pauline was at four years old subjected to draconian teaching methods which she believes set the scene for the rest of her life.

She was left-handed up to starting school and as with many children of her generation she was punished for this with the ruler rattled across her left hand several times a day so that she could not hold a pencil and put under the teacher’s high desk in the dark until she had learned her lesson.

She dared not tell her mum as the teacher had informed the small child that she was evil and with her mum being religious, she did not want her to know about this as she believed the teacher.

Her life got worse after that, she was bullied all through her school years, mainly for her bright red hair and at time spat on and punched for it. Her marriage of 42 years was not much better with her overbearing in-laws making her feel inferior at every turn. And even at work later in her life one of her nurse colleagues, who was well known for bullying, once told her she deserved it as she was one of life’s victims. Making stories up from an early age was her only outlet, going into a fantasy world where no one could touch her. This is her fourth book and each one bares part of her soul.

Pauline M Taylor
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The Artefact: The Second Chapter

Two years into their serene marriage, Aaron and Judy Thompson’s world is once again disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Colonel Elbert Harris. But he isn’t alone; their friends Suzanne and Jonah are with him, signalling the onset of yet another thrilling escapade.This new journey plunges them...

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