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Stella Perrott

One of Stella’s favourite memories is sitting around a log fire under the African sky sharing stories with family and friends – the sound of laughter and chatter. She grew up in beautiful, rural Zimbabwe, where she lived through a terrorist war, then moved to South Africa and now lives in Australia. Her life journey has been eventful with its highs and lows.  

Stella’s characters portray strong-minded women and close friendships. Even when all seems lost the determination to endure. To Stella, family and friends are everything.

Author's Books
Driving Mister Crazy

While waiting for her Australian visa to arrive, Jane leaves Zimbabwe to spend a year in England caring for the eccentric Mr Hazey. ‘You have to wear a seatbelt, Mr Hazey, it’s the law.’‘Well, I don’t.’Jane is tempted to return to Africa immediately, but stubborn pride makes her linger,...

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Finding Freeway

On their way home from a horse show, Lizzy and her parents encounter a small dog darting perilously close to the freeway. Compelled by compassion, they rescue the frightened animal and welcome him into their family, naming him Freeway. His origins and intended destination remain a mystery, sparking ...

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Finding Magic

In the picturesque setting of the Devon Moors, Magic, a lonely pony, waits for his cherished owner, Victoria, unaware of the tragedy that has struck the Dixon family.Lizzy, a newcomer to the area, stumbles upon this neglected pony during her explorations of the countryside. At the sound of her voice...

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The Sky Is Bluer

Kathy Barron is a nurse in the war-torn African country of Rhodesia. In 1974 while on honeymoon in South Africa, a stranger triggers her long-suppressed memory.‘I know you’ll think I’m crazy, Rick, but that’s the man I saw kill my brother.’But the police consider Kathy an unreliable witn...

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