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Peter Anthony Cook

Peter Cook is an engineer, educator, writer, inventor and problem solver, whose exploits have been well documented in the press.

Between 1996 and 2000, he co-founded and ran PJT Dynamics, an engineering company that specialised in finding solutions to well-known motorcycle flaws.

Whilst working on race engines, he started to tackle the problem of turbulence within systems.

Turbulence is one of the great unsolved problems in science, because by definition turbulence is unpredictable, and the laws of classical physics are by definition predictable. The question then is, how to reconcile turbulence with classical physics?

Peter Anthony Cook
Author's Books
Physics, Fractals and Flowers

At the core of scientific thought lies a fundamental misconception, one that has kept humanity ensnared in what future generations will dub the ‘Aeons of Ignorance.’This book unveils this profound oversight, introducing a ‘foundational grand narrative’ that harmonizes the realms of science. ...

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