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Peter Skeels

The author has been a draft dodger, a traveller, a stone mason, a single parent, a teacher, a businessman, a life coach and a story teller. He has lived and travelled extensively throughout America and Europe. He sought to find his way in life despite not having a handy how-to guide. His two constant guiding principles are his belief in God and to always try to do the next right thing. All the while he has been, more than anything else, a naturally happy survivor.

Author's Books
A Natural Pause

Michael learns he is dreadfully unhappy but he is in the middle of his life. He has a wife, children, a job and responsibilities galore. People count on him! How can he just stop? How can he correct the situation? He is not prepared to be tied to this situation, so he decides to face his fear. His m...

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Consenting Adult

Jonathan is hired to teach a creative writing class at the local college. Out of nowhere comes an idea: what if there was a modern-day Moses and he heard that God wanted him to rewrite the Ten Commandments now? What would they be if they were written today? Jonathan is intrigued by the idea but his ...

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From birth Michael hasn’t belonged anywhere, and from birth no one has really liked him. At 17 he sets out to find himself and to find a place and people where he belongs. He tries drugs, rock and roll, but doesn’t belong. He travels across the United States and still nothing. He travels to Euro...

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People are affected by the good times and the bad times in their life. This has always been the case. However, when we go through acutely intense emotional experiences, as some people do, are we truly aware of how we’ve been affected? Or do we try to mitigate the effect of the experience? Do we pe...

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The Box

The Box tells the story of Rupert and Lucille; their lives, loves, families, achievements, and failures. Lucille is the last child born to a family of generationally poor dirt farmers, while Rupert is the only child born to multi-billionaire parents. Rupert and Lucille’s paths cross due to a confl...

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The Last Garden

Michael is now an old man, and he decides to grow a garden where none had grown before. As he does so, he looks back on his life and forward to his hopes and fears. Michael reminisces about his past, and he truly wonders if his life has answered the existential questions of why he is here and what t...

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