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Phui Yee

Phui Yee has been working as a Building Surveyor and Project Manager for the past 18 years. As part of her work, she meets both adults and children who live in poverty and suffer financial hardship. She has always wondered how she can help these people improve their life and help them see there is another way.No answers were given until six years ago when Phui Yee's life was turned upside down. Her yellow brick road crumbled before her eyes. It was in this darkest moment of her life that she found the answer to her question and a way not only to help herself to rebuild her life and given her the skills and knowledge to help others as well.It is Phui Yee's passion to reach out to as many people as she can around the world so she can help to create a prosperous future for all who are willing to walk the path with her.

Phui Yee
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