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Poo, as he is affectionately called by his grandchildren, is a storyteller. He has always been a storyteller. When his children were small, they would sit on his knee while he would read or, more often than not, make up a story. Then the children grew up, the stories stopped and he waited. He waited and waited until eventually his children’s children sat on his knee that the storytelling began anew.

One day, during a storytelling session, the Princess Maggie, who is just Maggie to everyone else, looked up at Poo and asked a very pointed question. ‘Poo, are you going to get your stories made into a book?’ There was expectation in that little voice. What could Poo do?

The result of that question was Poo’s first book, A Giant Called Tiny, also pooblished by Austin Macauley. This is his second book, and the expectations are still there.

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The Further Adventures of Goldilocks

Deep in the Great Forest, 27 bears are having a meeting. They are discussing the terrible crime that has been committed in the three bears’ cottage.With the meeting over, they set off to catch the culprit.Unaware of the danger, Goldilocks is also in the forest once again, with an important errand ...

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