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R. J. Andersen

Roy Andersen is a distinguished scientist, educationalist and author of 7 books detailing how society and the school work together to produce a citizen worker. He has written and lectured profoundly on the need to redesign education to prepare the 21st century child for a world dominated by artificial intelligence, and so the need to teach our children to have greater intellectual and behavioural self-responsibility.

He has proposed ‘The Brain Environment Complex Theory’ as a new understanding to what we think intelligence is, and has developed ‘The Andersen Attitude Methodology’ to enable teachers and parents to understand the importance of emotional sensitivity and language in the development of student ability. He has dedicated 40 years of his life to help children to learn better in school.

His books explain in great detail how children really learn and why school consistently fails to educate our children better. These books are said, by professors and parents around the world, to be some of the best books written about school, society and learning.

These are seven very important books that should be read by every parent and educator in the world. They represent a real breakthrough in our understanding of what intelligence is and how it develops, and the importance of changing the ways students are both parented and educated. The work Roy is doing for learning is as significant as was done in the past by figures such as John Dewey.

“These are must-reads for both parents and educators alike.”

-Prof/Dean Emeritus David Martin PhD, Gallaudet University, Washington DC, USA

“Roy, your writing is beautiful. It is as if I read a novel by Jane Austen.”

-Helen Hadar-Hen, Israel.

Information to parents and educationalists on these books and how to purchase them is given at the end of the story of ‘The Woman’.

Author's Books
Teacher, Parent, Child

The book every parent and teacher should read!Ever wondered why your child is not getting the grades you hoped for them, or why as a teacher your students never seem to understand what you are explaining to them?Teacher, Parent, Child is a game changer for education. It explains, through stories of ...

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The Woman

Driven from her Cornish home with the man fate has brought to save her, Jane must learn how to survive amidst intrigue, mystery, abduction and revolution. All of which pull her towards a decision that could change her life, and the future of her new country – America, forever.“A skilfully crafte...

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