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R. Yelbeck

R. Yelbeck is a Ghanaian-born British citizen who lives in the UK. Though relatively unknown to the literary world, he is a writer in his own right.

It is often said, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Though so, most readers tend to be attracted to an appealing title than its author. But no book, except academic book, should be judged by the author’s credentials; otherwise, the reader falls victim to ‘credential bias’, thus affecting judgment. After all, if a tree can be judged by its fruit, authors must be judged by their novels. Therefore, I hope after reading The Crumbling Heritage, the reader has an informed opinion of R. Yelbeck—may the judgement rest with you. But l hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for choosing The Crumbling Heritage.

R. Yelbeck
Author's Books
The Crumbling Heritage

The Kingdom of Gantala, steeped in tradition, has untapped wealth of natural resources. Hopeful for a better life, the Kingdom looks to ‘strangers’ for progress. Such progress inevitably creates a wealth of problems, problems which become so chronic that they require nothing short of a miracle a...

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