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Rachel Sankey

Rachel is an aspiring Australian author. From a young age, she discovered her talents in storytelling. In February 2017, Rachel Sankey released her first published novel, Darkest Before Dawn. It captured a wide audience, including those who hate reading, and those who normally dislike this genre. Many asked for the next installment. Thrilled with the news that her book is loved, Rachel wrote Flicker of Hope. It is part two of the Darkest Before Dawn series, which promises to be just as exciting and gripping as the first. Rachel hopes to write six parts to this series and strives to make each book better than the last.

Author's Books
Flicker of Hope

After the events in Richmond Victoria, Lindsay returns to District Eighteen, and back under the protection of her uncle. Even though she is surrounded by people, she feels so alone. All she wants is Jason, but nothing can prepare her for what she must do to get him back. This time her journey will t...

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Touch of Destiny

Since the moment Lindsay Foxx broke free of District Fifteen, she has had to face many dangers, and had many close encounters with death. She has gone head to head with not only the ravenous zombie-like creatures known as ‘the infected’, but also with skilled humans that wish only to see her dem...

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