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Radian Demetrius Hunt

The author for most of his life had a fervent desire to touch the world in a subtle way that would forever linger in the hearts that stumble upon his work. He is delighted to offer his first piece and is hoping to accomplish this objective. He has a passion for life and always believes that the more knowledge we acquire pertaining to life then the better the individual we will become; thereby, we can be of benefit to mankind and the world at large. It is his intention to transform the world in whatever little way he can with the minute wisdom, knowledge and understanding which he obtained from a life of hardships and studying the scriptures. He is presently self-employed and studied accountancy in London during the earlier parts of this millennium but didn’t complete his studies. He believes also that failure can be one of life’s greatest teachers which can propel us to discover and fulfil our true destiny.

Author's Books
The Pompous Emperor and the Wise Old Man

In The Pompous Emperor and the Wise Old Man, the author explores the transformative power of truth and the fundamental principles that govern all of creation. Through the story of an affluent Emperor who meets a wise and humble man, the novel delves into the corrupt and lustful desires that often pl...

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