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Rajendra Dassruth

Swami Paramananda is a unique meditation master with an unparalleled track record. Having reached the peak of human consciousness or Nirvana in his early twenties, he has dedicated his life for the uplift of humanity through mind transformation. With the base for a better society being the individual, Swamiji lays emphasis on individual transformation. An excellent guide to spiritual seekers of all walks of life, Swamiji has given a new dimension to the science of meditation. His profound and perennial call to humanity is 'Know Thyself' - a nearly impossible task without the guidance of an enlightened master. Thousands of seekers in different parts of the world have benefitted from his meditation techniques, therapies, discourses, meditation sessions, writings and speeches at conferences. Swami Paramananda uses his prolific writing skill to reach out to seekers throughout the world and share his teachings, insights and mystical experiences. He has authored 32 books on a wide range of subjects and participated in several international conferences.

Rajendra Dassruth
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