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Megan Rajoo

Megan Rajoo is a South African born author with an engineering background. He hails from a quaint little town, Tongaat, in South Africa. As child three of four to Mum, Parvithee Rajoo (a stay-at-home mum) and Dad, Krishna Rajoo (a retired building foreman), he spent his formative years chasing the dream of playing professional cricket before an untimely injury and the tragic death of his elder brother forced his hand at pursuing a vocational path in aerospace industry. His maternal Indian ancestry somehow made him feel marginalised, a societal construction largely in his own mind however, but this forced introspection happily culminated in the foundations of this, his first book.

Megan Rajoo
Author's Books
Finding Balance – Confessions of a Bipolar

In a life filled with the elation, exhilaration and animated exultation located at a paradise called mania… to the dejection, despair, and desolation of the hopelessness of depression … but in the end mostly spent in the aftermath of normality and having to deal with reality… I remain always s...

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