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Ranulf Rayner

Ranulf Rayner has led an adventurous life. After Eton, he served in the British army, where he captained their team on the Cresta Run, instructed on nuclear warfare, and flew helicopters. Later, he spent a year climbing in the Himalayas, experiencing the horrors of Cambodia, meeting aboriginals in the Australian Outback and witnessing the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and of the oceans with plastic, before flying to Switzerland to manage the winter sports scenes for the Bond movie OHMSS.

On returning home to farm, he started several innovative businesses including England’s first computer company specialising in agriculture. He later wrote a memoir Is Anyone Out There by The Major, which follows a number of fully illustrated sporting books, including The Story of the America’s Cup, presently in its tenth edition.

Based on his own remarkable experiences, and concerned about less fortunate generations to come, he decided to write a trilogy of real time adventure stories about the three most worrying issues now facing our planet—the ever-growing population, the pollution of our oceans, and in this book, some answers to galloping climate change. By inspiring readers to consider these issues and think of their own solutions rather than listen to the harbingers of doom, his intention is to give them hope so they may fight for a brighter future.

Half the proceeds from this book will be donated to ShelterBox—an international relief charity which provides immediate support to those who have lost their homes due to sudden catastrophes, many of them attributed to climate change.

Ranulf Rayner
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This action-packed thrilling adventure story, based on the author’s own experiences, is triggered by a gang of arsonists setting fire to the Amazon rainforest while blackmailing governments to stop them doing so. This results in the Major, a ruthless mercenary, being employed by Bob, a multib...

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