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Rebecca Hobbs

Rebecca Hobbs’ stories are inspired by her day-to-day experiences in the classroom as a primary school teacher and being with her own two young children. When not covered in paint, head to toe in glitter or ‘eating’ playdough creations, Rebecca enjoys writing stories for children, combining relatable themes with a little touch of magic. She is a fan of biscuits, cardigans and daydreaming.

Author's Books
Betty’s Bedtime Adventure

Betty has been told that her grandad is gone forever, but she knows that he isn’t. She believes he is up in the stars. So instead of lying in bed, asleep, she is looking through her telescope, fuelled by chocolate biscuits, hunting the night sky for him.But Betty quickly realises that there is a p...

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Caught It

Evie loves being with Mummy. Mummy loves being with Evie. But Evie is about to start school. What will she do? How will she get through the day without her Mummy? She will miss her so much.However, what Evie doesn’t know is that she is about to discover a way of coping with letting go. She will le...

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