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Renée Barnden

Renée is an Australian primary school teacher. This is her first book. Born to Australian parents living in Bangladesh, she spent the first seven years of her life living in a vastly different culture to the one to which she returned. Experiencing culture shock and identity confusion at a young age meant, as a university student and later in her profession as a primary teacher, Renée became passionate about supporting and equipping children experiencing emotional, psychological and learning challenges. Thus, the inspiration for this book was born. Renée hopes this book creates opportunities for honest conversations between parents/teachers and children about feelings.

Renée Barnden
Author's Books
Feelings So Big

“When things get tricky, do you ever feel like your feelings get so big inside you that you can’t keep them in any longer? And do you feel like they’re too big for you and you just don’t know what to do and how to feel better?I do, I have a plan…’When little people get big feelings, they...

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