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Rhys Ryan Evans

Rhys, formally known as Dean to all who know him, was born in Bridgend, South Wales. He was brought up by his grandparents. To him, they were his mum and dad. His mum had gone to London to work and to get away from Dean’s violent father. He got up to the usual mischief as you do being a young teenager. Nothing too bad though. His granddad taught him the rights and wrongs in life. Dean went to London eventually to be with his mother, as his grandparents were getting too old to put up with him and his antics. He made some bad friends in school and ended up in a lot of trouble. The judge offered to him:

Borstal: Juvenile detention, or the British Army!

Dean chose the British Army. He went into the junior service that starts at fifteen- and-a-half. He had a big shock but excelled and was noticed. He served over fourteen distinguished years in the infantry, SF Platoon and Recce Platoon. He saw active service too many times and saw too much, and it left deep scars! He left the army after a big decision and ventured into Civvy Street. Dean found it hard to readjust and hit the bottle. He made wrong friends and got into bother. The Royal British Legion helped and sorted him out. It took some time but he pulled through and resurfaced again. He joined a close protection company in London and did some covert jobs because of his military background. He had to change his name because of some difficult circumstances. Now known as Rhys, he helps to run the operations of a close protection agency. Rhys is married to Carmem. She is from Brazil and she loves him to bits. Carmem knows all about his adventures. She was with him half the time!

Rhys Ryan Evans
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