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Carly Jayne Roach

Carly Jayne Roach was born in Bristol, and spent her childhood on her grandfather’s farm in Old Sodbury, where her love for animals and nature blossomed. As a young girl, she spent countless hours watching and learning from the animals on the farm, and developed a passion for horse riding and competing.

After pursuing a career as a groom and working with horses in New Zealand, Carly discovered her eye for colour and design while exploring her interest in interiors. Sadly, a traumatic experience led to a breakdown, but through creativity, she found a pathway to healing and self-discovery.

Today, Carly finds joy in gardening and cooking, and has become a passionate advocate for organic farming and food production. She firmly believes that if we create food in a way that conserves the land, we are also investing in our children’s future.

With a renewed sense of purpose and passion, Carly hopes to continue creating uplifting and colourful works for both children and adults, inspiring others to connect with nature and find joy in the simple things in life.

Carly Jayne Roach
Author's Books
My Baby

My Baby is a heartwarming book that promotes early bonding between mother and baby, written by an author who gave birth during the COVID pandemic. With sweet and simple rhymes, the author conveys the love, kisses, and cuddles shared between mother and baby, as they embark on their journey of growth...

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