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Robert Borele

Robert Borele was born in the summer-browned flat-lands of rural Australia, where neighbours and drop-in visitors were like extended family. He remains loyal to that environment. The observation of people and things around him, and a life-long desire to know more, has been a hallmark of his life.

Robert has been writing creatively for most of his life and would say that writing is central to it. This is the first large work he has published, but he doesn’t expect it to be the last.

He hopes this book will cause you to raise your eyes and mind into the distance, and ponder…

Robert Borele
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A highly advanced alien race arrives unannounced offering to help us make our world a better, safer place. With unbelievable technology far beyond human understanding, they seem able to ignore all known laws of space, time, and physics. They deny all those natural laws that we find undeniable. They ...

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