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December Rose

Born a Rose in December.

Growing up, she was always told she had a vivid imagination, from making up stories to tell her younger sister at bed time, to writing poetry for her Nan.

Her love for spelling words on the way to school grew to a passion for reading, starting with Enid Blyton. As an adult, her love of fantasy saw her study English Literature, focusing on creative writing, and now she is sharing her ideas, characters and all the possibilities that swirl around in her head day and night with you.

December Rose
Author's Books
The Aurora Chronicles

Aurora Gem Tempest yearns to shatter the fragile image her parents hold of her, determined to match the resilience of her older brother, Polaris. Yet, her quest for validation takes an unintended detour when she unwittingly aids a high-risk prisoner’s escape from the icy reaches of Europa.Her misa...

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