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Delilah Rose

11:11 Psychoetry is a poetry collection which entails Delilah Rose’s healing journey from multiple personality disorder. This book is basically a diary told in the medium of anarchic poetry…years of poems which came from writing to the different people in her system. Throughout this process, Delilah had psychiatric appointments and was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. She has elhers danlos syndrome fibromyalgia which causes chronic pain. These poems have helped her to stay alive through hard times and release a lot of trauma. This book is a literal funeral for all of the past. Delilah was in and out of foster care from the age of three…she has been in abusive relationships, and has lived in women’s refuges. She has witnessed her mum be beaten up by her father and stepfather. Delilah has been an escort after being sexually abused by her stepfather. She has been raped, attacked, left homeless in women’s refuges for domestic violence. An escort, a tarot reader, having spoken to spirits since she was little – who looked after her through traumatic experiences. Her whole family has issues with mental and physical health, and Delilah also suffer with mental and physical health issues and disabilities. Everything Delilah has been through and witnessed and found challenging to experience, she has written poems about. She likes to see the lessons in every tragedy and looks for the humour. Some of Delilah’s work is dark and twisted, and some of it is light and comedic, it’s a dichotomy of the human mind that she has been trying to come to terms with, to make sense of the world around her. Delilah is a healer and this is her shadow work she is allowing to be seen – the most dark sides and light sides of her many head mates. Different souls who inhabit her body have written these as conversations between themselves and about each other and how they experience the world around them.

Delilah Rose
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11:11 Psychoetry

This collection of poetry and ‘psychoetry’ explores themes of anti-authoritarianism, haunted love, and mental health through an intense, passionate personal lens.With hints of philosophy and touches of sarcasm, the writing style varies dramatically between different poetic voices – echoes of t...

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