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Roxy Steel

Roxy Steel lives in the UK and is passionate about what makes us who we are? Why we do the things we do? And how we choose to think, feel and behave differently to impact the world around us in the most positive way? Through self-observation, talking with many friends and family about their and her own inner thoughts and behaviour Roxy came to understand that the biggest impact of who we are all stems from our childhood and the society we are born into. She believes that humans are evolving and each and every one of us is part of that evolution.

Author's Books
Billy Stone’s Two Worlds

12-year-old Billy found school boring and often got into trouble for daydreaming about flying in space, time travel, and wondering what it would be like if ants were as big as humans, would they eat humans? Billy knew this wasn’t a dream.Max takes Billy on many adventures, with excitement, laughte...

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