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Sansão Adão

Sansão Adão, was born in the municipality of Cazenga
(Angola), as a child he was always very inquisitive,
questioned himself about the meaning of life, worried about
human suffering, races, beliefs and ethnicities, he was looking
for some something that would give meaning to life and calm
Since his childhood, Sansão had always mysteriously felt
within himself the presence of something so existential, so
unique, precious and resplendent, that he felt all the time that
he was trying to tell him something about his mysterious
existence, he always tried to have some time with himself to
mysteriously observe the mystery of oneself and demystify its
great mystery.'

Sansão Adão
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Who Are You?

Life is an enigma, and the journey of living is dedicated to unravelling its intricate mysteries. Think of yourself as an unexplored diamond mine, hidden beneath layers of gravel, rocks, and sand. Your life’s purpose is to dig deep, uncovering the invaluable gem that is your true self, and then me...

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