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Sara Dzydzan

Sara Dzydzan was born in Meriden, England in 1971. She trained as a teacher after having children early but was always interested in poetry. Her interest in poetry grew after suffering domestic abuse during her marriage and she used it as a release. After her husband was jailed, Sara moved with her family to Spain where she lived for two years.

On her return to England in 2006, Sara continued her teaching career and began working on this collection of poems. The intention was never to be published; it was just a hobby, however, with the rise of domestic violence due to the Corona virus pandemic, she felt that she had to share her story.

Sara Dzydzan
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Depths of Domestic Violence

When immersed in the horror of domestic violence, you either give up and die inside or you remove yourself and live in your imagination.Nobody believes that it will happen to them – but it does – and it is real. It does not discriminate; it seeps over the threshold of every class, religion and g...

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