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Sayed Athar Husain Naqvi

Sayed Athar Husain Naqvi was born in India, Ramnagar Banaras state on 9 December, 1934. He was a chartered engineer, now a writer. He has written 12 books in English and Urdu and sixty-two articles on socio-religious and socio-political subjects published on Hub Pages.

Other books authored:

  • The Land of Seasons and Songs
  • Urdu Poetry and Epistemology Vol I
  • Urdu Poetry and Epistemology Vol II
  • Shia Culture
  • Appointees from God
  • Lessons in Humour I
  • Lessons in Humour II
  • Aalishan Pakistan [Urdu]
  • Koo Koo – Kaein Kaein [Urdu with English translation]
  • Ha-ay Daehshat Gardi (Ah, the Terrorism) [Urdu with English translation]
  • The Wise Mongoose and the Majestic Snake
  • Princess Azmemriab and the Parrot

Author's Books
The Miracle at the Rauza of Rasool Allah SAWW

The book The Miracle at the Rauza of Rasool Allah SAWW describes a wonderful dream that the author had. In this dream, the author is visited by numerous angels who fill him with virtues. As a citizen of the world, the author wants to share this dream with the world in order to show the reality of th...

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