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Yusuf Shah

Yusuf Shah, our young author, currently resides in Walsall with his Pakistani parents. His writing journey began when he first got the idea of the Turkish war and the gruesome Mongols. He read The Art of War by Sun Tzu and learned about combat and the different types of weapons used. He was also extremely fascinated by the intriguing history of the Ottoman Empire and its founder, Osman Gazi. Yusuf intends to inspire young minds through his work and is thus looking forward to publishing more titles in the future.

Yusuf Shah
Author's Books
The Three Empires

In an era where the clash of steel echoes across lands, the Mongolian forces, with swords drawn and spirits unyielding, advance towards the realms of South Eastern Europe. Their objective: conquest, or a valiant attempt at it. Amidst this rising tide of Mongolian might stands Edgar, the resilient ki...

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