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Rosie Sharp

Rosie Sharp is a devoted mother to three children and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Rosie loves to bring magic to life in her children’s stories and writes with humour and meaning. She aims to inspire young readers to feel confident, strong, and special about who they are. Rosie treasures her time with her young children and enjoys pool parties, playdates, animals, adventures, and all things magic.

Rosie Sharp
Author's Books
The House That Swallowed People

The House That Swallowed People invites readers into a world of whimsy and wonder, where the impossible becomes reality. Imagine a house with a life of its own, capable of swallowing people whole. What would you do if you found yourself trapped within its walls? This captivating tale unravels the m...

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Henry BEE

Have you ever felt like you are a little different?Henry Bee discovers that being different means being unique in this fun tale about accepting yourself for who you are.Come along with Henry and discover that being different isn’t a bad thing: it means that you are brave enough to be yourself!...

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