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Rosemary Shaw

Rosemary Shaw has changed since having her craniotomy. She feels like a more complete individual after her operation.

She realizes now how terrible things were and kriss cross, young lady as she would call herself, has a great deal to say thanks to Fred for being found.

Fred is the name she gave her tumour and made an honest effort not to allow things to get her down and now because of Fred if she needs help, she will ask. At the point when she has a medical issue, the old Rosemary would make an honest effort to disregard it, however, this new normal of being well is her mentality.

While out for a walk, to the shops, it is clear she is in trouble as legs are not moving, she waves her hands up high. This is kriss cross lady.

She can speak much better for herself despite the fact she is introvert.

Rosemary Shaw
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Life After a Craniotomy Operation

Step into the remarkable journey of resilience and hope with Life After a Craniotomy Operation. Our brain, often compared to a computer perched atop our heads, serves as the epicentre of our existence, enabling us to navigate the complexities of modern life and its myriad highs and lows. However, wh...

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