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Simon Portwain

Simon Portwain is your average guy; he was born with no financial, social, or genetic privileges than the average person. His upbringing in a working class family gave him the thirst to achieve more and make something of himself. In particular, to provide his children with everything that he desired as a child but didn't have. From a young age, Simon focused on knowledge. He wanted to learn from the great minds of the past and present and what better way than through the vast selection of books and audiobooks. He studied everything he could; business acumen, finance, management, psychology, time management, sales, motivation. His view was that if he could read, understand and apply everything he learnt then he would be far more experienced than his peers who may have decades more experience in the workplace than him. And it paid off. After years of study and application, Simon found himself excelling in sales, his choice of profession. His thirst for knowledge wasn't the only reason for this though. Simon was very inquisitive from a young age, and over time developed great skills in pattern recognition. Moreover, he was incredibly analytical in his approach, hence in his formal education he studied mathematics in his degree. It was early on in his sales career that he started to use pattern recognition and analytical thinking to his advantage. He started to look for commonalities in his own work and processes and that of his peers. He took note of things that worked and those that didn't. He assessed what the pitfalls were of most and ways to get around them and over time he created a formula for success. He applied this formula to his own practices and it worked emphatically. So he started to coach more and more people, and again it worked time after time. It was then that Simon formally wrote down these disciplines to put together, those which you hold in your hands today.

Simon Portwain
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