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Solange Straube Stecz

LUIZ FERNANDO PEREIRA – Majored in Biology from PUCPR in 1981, MSc in Biochemistry from UFPR in 1991 and PhD in Biochemistry/Bioenergetics, from UFPR in 1999. Professor at PUCPR and FAP (UNESPAR). Experience in physiology and biochemistry. Works on themes toxicology, blood vessels, and electrical phenomena activity on the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM). Emeritus editor of Biology Studies (ISSN 0102 – 2067).

MARCOS H. CAMARGO – Lato sensu graduate in History of Contemporary Thought from PUCPR in 1987, Economics and Sociology from PUCPR in 1988, Master in Communication and Languages from Tuiuti University in 2003 and PhD in Visual Arts from UNICAMP Institute of Arts in 2010. Postdoc from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro at the School of Communication graduate program. Professor at the Arts College of Parana (UNESPAR), where he teaches Philosophy, Aesthetics and Semiotics. Has experience in the area of Communication, Semiotics and Languages, with emphasis on Aesthetics.


SOLANGE STECZ – PhD in Education from UFSCAR. Master in History from UFPR. Member of the Brazilian National Committee of the Memory of the World Program, UNESCO – MOWBRASIL. Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Arts of the State University of Paraná (UNESPAR). Professor at the Film and Video Course at UNESPAR/FAP. Counsellor for the audio-visual area of the Culture State Council of Paraná (2020/2022). National Secretary at the Research Centre of Brazilian Cinema (CPCB) Director of the Cinematheque of Curitiba (2008/2013).

Solange Straube  Stecz
Author's Books
Art - The Path To Knowledge

A university must produce and organize knowledge. Indeed, this fact does not seem to suffer disputes. However, what is the knowledge that a university produces and disseminates?In this short essay, which serves as a conceptual basis for a wide-ranging epistemological discussion, the authors propose ...

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