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Laurence Stephenson

Laurence Stephenson was born in East London and lived there until the age of 26 when he moved with his wife to Prestonpans which is a small mining town twelve miles outside Edinburgh. There he helped raise two daughters plus many children whom he and his wife fostered. At the age of 30 he accepted Jesus Christ God.

He had many jobs. At the age of 27 until 30 he managed public houses. When he accepted Jesus, he stopped working as a landlord as he could not reconcile being a publican as a Christian. He then had a time of unemployment until he found a job as a green grocer going back to the work he did with his father in east London. He had been a cleaner in east London as a youth with his mother and when the opportunity arose in Edinburgh, he started a cleaning company cleaning wheeled bins called Happybins.

He joined a church in Musselburgh who had six members and became part of the leadership team who went on to gather another two hundred members within a space of ten years. He is passionate about who Jesus Christ is and wants to tell a story that helps people start reading the bible for themselves.

Laurence Stephenson
Author's Books
The Death of Levi

Two millennia ago, a thief named Levi finds himself crucified alongside his companion and a holy man. As he endures the agonizing crucifixion, he resigns himself to the imminent embrace of death. Yet, the unknown realm beyond life remains a mystery he’s unprepared for. Venture into the afterlife w...

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